My wife is a genius

My wife is a genius, and I will share three stories from today that demonstrate so.  First, my genius wife decided we should get an Airbnb instead of a hotel room.  I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, but I’m telling you it would have been a DISASTER to try and care for three young children based out of a hotel room.  With our Airbnb we have a playground (where the above picture was taken), a kitchen, multiple bed rooms, a private patio where the kids can run around, etc.  It’s still a big challenge to entertain/manage the needs of all three kids, but it’s at least possible in our Airbnb.  We honestly would have needed to resort to Netflix marathons had we been in a hotel room.

Second, this afternoon Zinnia was sleeping, and my genius wife suggested that we get a big bucket of water and give Shivani and Aashish cups and just let them go nuts.  It was a huge hit! By the end I was soaked too (in my clothes), but that’s a dad’s job.  It was a full 45 minutes of entertainment, and it was really fun to hear them squealing with laughter as they chased each other.

Third, at one point today my genius wife succeeded in getting Shivani and Zinnia reading together.  And by “together” I mean “both reading out loud in unison from the same book and helping each other when one of them was stuck.”  It was pretty cool to see.

Okay, that’s it.  We’re exhausted.  My genius and loving wife got up with the girls at 5:00 am, and kept them quiet until 7:15 so Aashish and I could sleep.  I didn’t even hear anyone get up.  We should be going to bed, but instead we’re working on another new logistical development with our adoption paperwork for Delhi that we have to get figured out in order to secure our exit visa.  And by “we” I mean “my genius wife.”  She’s doing the paperwork stuff and I’m backing up pictures.  Also, the power is out in the kitchen, which means that the fridge doesn’t work, which means all our food is in jeopardy.  Fun times!  The good news is that my genius wife and I have been a stellar team and have been able to laugh at all the chaos.

In terms of prayer requests for those of your who are so inclined, Zinnia had an upset stomach most of the day today, so please pray that she feels better tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “My wife is a genius

  1. Your posts and pictures bring so much joy! Thank you for sharing. Continued thoughts and prayers from Ritch and I.

  2. Thanks for the genius post, Swansons! Amy = Genius!! Joel, thanks for publicly confirming what I’ve known for years about your dear wife. 🙂

    I love the vivid stories you are sharing about your family time together – they truly paint a rich picture of your day(s). Such wonderful news that time with all the kids is going so well – thank you, Lord!

    Praying for you all – for all the many details (and sometimes ups and downs that details bring), and prayers for health (hang in there, Zinnia!), comfort, peace, and good sleep for all. Hugs from your MA family.

  3. I am relieved to learn you have a genius wife, Joel. It is not that I didn’t think you had genius qualities, of course. Moms are just more clever than dads sometimes!
    I am enjoying your stories!

  4. Love the update. Thanks for the pics and stories. Sounds chsllenging and wonderful. Let’s hope the electricity going out in the kitchen is the greatest challenge you face. I know that might be pushing it considering the adoption paperwork and travel hurdles still to come but I’m praying for you.

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