We are overjoyed to share with everyone that we are matched with Riya’s children!!  Our adoption agency saw them show up on the international adoption portal and immediately selected the children for us.  We then reviewed their adoption files and signed several documents, including an “intent to adopt” form.  Once that was processed for us, we were officially “locked in” as the adoptive family for Riya’s children.  What a relief and wonderful answer to prayer!

Since beginning this journey a year and a half ago, we’ve known that this potential match would be a long shot and it’s remarkable that among hundreds of adoption agencies around the world, our agency was the one able to match these particular children with our family.  Needless to say, we’re extremely grateful for the staff at our adoption agency who have walked alongside us on this journey, waiting and watching patiently for the day when the children would hopefully appear on the adoption portal.  We’ve really appreciated their diligence, despite the odds.

Riya’s children are now ages 7 (girl) and 3 ½ (boy).  They are doing very well at the orphanage where they will continue to receive care until we adopt them.  For privacy reasons we cannot post personal information about them online.  But if you see us in person we would LOVE to share with you the names and photos of these precious children who are going to become part of our family.

We’d love to be able to say “the children are coming home to their forever family in a few weeks” but unfortunately the adoption process moves much more slowly than that.  We’ve begun another inundation of paperwork, and if all goes as expected we anticipate travelling to India to meet them and bring them home next spring or early summer.  We can hardly wait!

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  1. This is great news!! We signed our intent to adopt on Sept. 1. We already had a home study for foster care so didn’t have to do anything else but wait for paperwork to be completed.Cora’s adoption was complete on May 30, nine months start to finish. But it went quickly because she was already living with us. It would be really hard to have to wait! Congratulations! God is good!

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