Lemonade and a Space Heater

garage sale

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Several weeks ago, we had a garage sale — our first official adoption fundraising event!  Several neighbors, local friends and family members pitched in to make it a success by donating their time, their second-hand treasures, and their baking skills.  We set up the sale for just one day in our front yard and lucked out with mostly sunny skies.  Zinnia also sold lemonade and baked goods, and she even had repeat customers!

We didn’t price most items worth less than $5.  Instead, we posted signs letting people know that the funds were going towards adoption and they could simply make a reasonable offer on unmarked items.  We had a steady stream of bargain hunters all day and raised $1,305 (plus $58 more from the lemonade stand).  Wow!!

A short time after the sale was underway,  I (Amy) stepped towards the street to take in the scene.  I couldn’t help but chuckle noticing that a customer who had just bought a space heater was also buying ice cold lemonade.  It reminded me of those jokes about being Minnesotan … “You know you’re Minnesotan when you buy both lemonade and a space heater at a yard sale.”  Gotta love the land of 10,000 lakes (and a 10,000 degree temperature swing between August and January).  ☺  

A high five goes out to every one of you who donated, purchased, advertised, or couldn’t resist Zinnia’s adorable smile when she would ask, “Do you want to buy lemonade for 50 cents?”.  Thank you!

Once we include the garage sale proceeds in the adoption donations made so far, we’ll be just shy of 39% of our fundraising goal.  As we consider how to finance the remaining costs, we’ll likely have more fundraising events to come.  Stay tuned!  

4 thoughts on “Lemonade and a Space Heater

  1. That’s great Amy! The Lord won’t ask you to do something that He won’t provide for! And as He does, your faith grows! Praying for more miracles!

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