Legally Free!

Hi everyone!  We recently found out that Riya’s children obtained their legally free status.  We have been waiting for verification of this legal documentation for Riya’s children for almost a year, so this is VERY GOOD NEWS!  It means that her children are now available to be matched with an adoptive family.

The process for selecting an adoptive family for children in India is done through a closely-regulated online portal, which is only accessible to licensed adoption agencies.  Initially, for up to 90 days, Riya’s children will be on the portal and only accessible by Indian adoption agencies seeking to place children for domestic adoption.  If they are not matched with an adoptive family in India during this timeframe, then their profile becomes accessible to agencies (like ours) who place children for international adoption.

Getting accurate and timely information about the status of Riya’s children has been difficult, so our adoption agency has been monitoring this portal for nearly nine months.  They’ve now stepped up their vigilance in anticipation of seeing Riya’s children become available for international adoption within the next few months.  When that happens, our agency hopes to match them with our family right away.  Of course, we are hoping and praying for this as well.

We also have one other good news report.  In January, we submitted an adoption grant application to a private foundation and have been selected to receive an adoption grant!  We were so excited, Joel did a “happy dance” when we found out (and if you know Joel at all, you’ll know that “Joel” and “happy dance” is a rare combination).  The grant funds will be directly applied towards our adoption agency expenses once we are matched with Riya’s children.  If that happens, we’ll then re-calculate the remaining adoption costs and make an adjustment on our fundraising page to reflect the grant funds awarded.  While we’re waiting, we intend to apply for several other grants as well.

Thanks for all the ways you continue to support our family on this unpredictable journey!

7 thoughts on “Legally Free!

  1. Amy, Joel, and Zinnia – this is such exciting news! I just signed up a few days ago to receive updates from your blog, so this being the first update I received notification of is very exciting and joyous! We just prayed for your family last night because Kaelyn was talking about sweet Zinnia and how much she loves her. I am praying for your perseverance along with wherewithal and patience through God’s plan, as I am sure it gets trying at times. I also pray this is the “home stretch” for you and for the children to be matched with you very soon. God bless! xoxo, The Andersons

  2. Happy News! It must be worse than waiting for Christmas as you, pray and hope, and pray and hope some more…I’ll continue to pray for you guys.

  3. I’m so very very happy for ALL of you! And I’ll stay vigilant in prayer because you’ve taught me that the Indian adoption process can be a crazy dance, too. May God give the three of you peace as you wait through the “not yet … not yet… not yet” and then hear His “OK, NOW!!!” Much love, Judy

  4. Great news to hear about Riya’s children. It must be hard for them to understand all of this…being away from their mom, etc. Prayers for you, and for them, as well, while they wait, too!

  5. Yes!!!! Finally! Congratulations. Maia and I arrived home 4/15 after 5 weeks in the Marshall Islands and as they say, it’s all worth it. I’ve continued to think of you and pray you are matched soon. What a huge undertaking and how very courageous of you to attempt this with so many barriers along the way. The adoption process these days is so very challenging. Hang in there.

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