Leaving on FRIDAY

Only two days until we leave!  It’s hard to believe we’ve reached this point after more than 2 years of waiting and hoping.  The past several weeks have been filled with final preparations – making appointments in New Dehli, confirming reservations, ordering everything on Amazon from luggage tags to a comb for our son, working on last-minute home projects, reviewing our adoption education notes, packing, and of course – more paperwork.  (An aside from Joel:  I would like you all to know that my wife is a genius/maestro/wizard with keeping track of all the paperwork.  We have one piece of carry-on luggage literally half full of papers we need to bring.  Crazy.)

Over the past 7 months since we’ve been matched with Riya’s children, we’ve discovered that the orphanage where they have been cared for is EXCEPTIONAL.  In everything from their communication to their documentation to their efforts to help ease the transition for our adopted children, they have gone above and beyond what is typical.  In fact, we even had the opportunity to Skype with the children last week in order to meet them prior to traveling!  😊 We are SO grateful to the staff and caregivers at this orphanage for their exceptional dedication to the children and adoptive families they are supporting.

Other than the recent Skype call, the highlight of the past week has been the opportunity to celebrate the end of this chapter of our adoption journey with family and friends.  Thank you for sharing in this celebration through your emails, cards, blog comments, hugs, gifts, and shared meals.  One of the gifts that is particularly special is an elephant quilt (pictured above) that a close friend helped me make.  Thank you Wendy!!  We really appreciate all the ways everyone has showered us with love, encouragement, and congratulations.

Throughout the past two+ years, we have also had tremendous prayer, financial, and practical support from so many of you!   THANK YOU for being there when we needed you.  We could not have navigated all that this journey has entailed so far without your help.  And undoubtedly, we will continue to need your support as we embark on this next chapter as adoptive parents.

Our children will also continue to need your prayers.  India and the US are vastly different countries.  Many of the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, languages, cultural practices, and values are distinctively different from the US.  Even for adults with many years of experience traveling and living abroad, adapting to these differences can be quite difficult.  For Zinnia (age 6), we anticipate that traveling with us in India will be overwhelming at times.  Please pray for her to have a capacity for cross-cultural understanding and flexibility beyond what is usual for children her age.  (Another aside from Joel:  recent things Zinnia has said are “too spicy” include grated parmesan cheese, barbeque sauce, pickles, and ranch-flavored corn nuts.  Wish us luck.)

For our adopted children, the transition to joining our family will likely be one of the most difficult things they ever experience. Our adopted daughter will have memories of her birth family and life before she was cared for at the orphanage.  Our son will have memories of nothing but his life at the orphanage and his caregivers and friends there. We are going to take these children away from every person they know and trust in their precious little lives, from everything they know and understand, and bring them halfway across the world to a place that is completely foreign to them.  A place with snow and macaroni & cheese and toilets you sit on – none of which they are familiar with. Even though we’ve been very mindful about ways we can prepare to support them through this transition, It’s impossible for us to be truly prepared for how our new children will experience this level of change and loss. Please pray for our adopted children to feel understood and to be accepting of the love and care we are anxious to share with them.

We will be posting updates during our travels as often as we have time and WiFi, so stay tuned for news and photos from India next week!!!  We have had to refrain from publicly sharing their pictures and names for so long, and we’re excited to be able to finally introduce them to you!



9 thoughts on “Leaving on FRIDAY

  1. Praying 🙏🏻 that everything goes smooth and safe travels and the overwhelming feeling for all of you guys praying for peace and for the kids to adjusting to something new

  2. We are excited for you. I can’t imagine the river of emotions you are all traveling through. Prayers continue. Love, Laura and Jim

  3. While the cultural differences are vast, there’s one thing that crosses the chasm instantly: LOVE. May all three of your precious children see & hear & feel & know your LOVE for them from the very beginning. You three are enriching our extended family as you bring them “home”! God goes before you every step of the way.

  4. Dear Amy,

    Thank you for the update. Continuing to pray & rejoice with you. May the Lord continue to guide & lead you & Joel. Praying also for zinia to be able to enjoy her new experience. Would love to connect with you’re here in India. Pls send us your local contact details so we can catch up while you’re here in India.

    Warm welcome!


  5. Amy, Joel, and Zinnia-

    Your posts about this journey always bring tears to my eyes, especially this one. I am in awe of the fortitude and courage that you all have! Dave, Kaelyn and I will continue to pray for you all!

    Much love,
    The Andersons

  6. Dear Amy and Joel and Zinnia,
    We are so excited for you to FINALLY have your children in your loving arms. We are praying that all goes well and that Zinnia enjoys the adventures of travel with you. Love to all of you!
    Deb (and Dan)

  7. Cannot imagine your emotions tonight. Praying for a good rest tonight, smooth arrangements and flights for tomorrow, and then a constant presence of the Holy Spirit as you move through the process.

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