42 Dozen Cookies!


A long-time friend of Amy’s family, Lynda Paulson, offered to make special Scandinavian Christmas cookies and have them for sale to help raise funds for our adoption.  We readily agreed – Lynda makes krumkake, a traditional Norwegian waffle cookie (yes, I looked it up on Wikipedia), and they are as tasty as they are beautiful.  Amy then asked my grandma, Doris, to make some of her famous gingersnaps as well.  When I was in college my grandma used to send me a box of her gingersnaps periodically, and I’d eat like three dozen of them in two days.  Seriously, they’re that good.

In total they made 42 dozen cookies (with a little help from Amy and her mom, Rosemary).  For anyone trying to do the math in your head, that’s 504 cookies.  They all sold pretty much right away, and we raised $425!  Many thanks to Lynda and Doris for their generosity and baking skills, and to all of you who purchased some.

Here’s what the krumkake looks like on the skillet or waffle iron or whatever it’s called:



Then you roll them up on a wooden cone roller thingy …



And here’s Lynda showing the final product, once they’ve cooled:



Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of grandma Doris making her cookies.  However, here’s a photo of her and Zinnia together.  It’s not as mouthwatering as a picture of grandma’s cookies, but it’s much cuter:


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